Sterling Silver Adventurine Ring - Size 6 3/4

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Sterling Silver Adventurine Ring - Size 6 3/4
Intricately woven copper & hearty Adventurine Ring.

Silver Metaphysical Properties and
Silver Mystical Properties

manifestation of wealth, riches, and health
improves quality of speech and brings eloquence to conversations
calming and balancing
reflects away negativity and evil intentions
brings the wearer more in tune with the flow of the universe
like the moon and water, a mirror to the soul
increases strength of perception
awakens and increases psychic and intuitive capacities
provides strong connection between physical and astral bodies
increases the strength of gemstones and crystals, particularly Moonstone, Amethyst, Quartz, and Turquoise
high malleability (ability to be shaped), enables the user/wearer to bend energies, creating vital energy centers
placed on your forehead, activates and opens your Third Eye Chakra
astrologically associated with Cancer and Aquarius, the element Water, and direction West -

Aventurine is said to benefit one in all areas of creativity, and imagination, as well as intellect and mental clarity. Lore says that it enhances prosperity and brings career success. It is a gentle stone energetically that gives a sense of calm and balance and enhances happiness. It also helps one to see alternatives and potentials in all situations, giving a positive outlook, courage and inner strength. It is also said to bring luck, especially in games of chance. Green aventurine is also a mystical stone of prosperity.

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